The Snafler Hyperspace

Cosmos Mission 2022


A collection of 5009 algorithmically generated 3D NFT spheres floating in intergalactic space minted in Ethereum blockchain. The visual aspects and geometry of the 3D of the sphere will influenced by the real exoplanet traits hypothesized by NASA.

Each exoplanet will have properties based on traits including planet type, size, orbital radius and distance from Earth.  Rare planets will be rated on whether they have natural resources, and whether they are deemed to be in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’

More than just an NFT

Each planet offers the opportunity to create a fantasy world for the planet owners: They can be completely customised, enabling holders build worlds and sell or rent space, paving the way for multiple economies to thrive and generate revenue in multiple levels.

Each planet holder will receive a decentralised Ethereum-based subdomain, which will be the virtual address of their new home.


  • NFT Space stations as transit hubs for intergalactic travel
  • NFT intergalactic vehicles to travel between exoplanets and explore the hyperspace
  • Hyperverse marketplace to buy/sell 3D assets to build and customize each exoplanet
  • Build Snafler hyperspace as a VR game
  • Create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) by selling tokens. Token holders will get voting rights, initiating new proposals in building the ‘hyperverse’


  1. 1-200 3D Exoplanet drop for registered collectors
  2. 201-400 3D Exoplanet drop; public pre-sale
  3. 401-1400  3D Exoplanet drop; public sale [0.4 ETH]
  4. 1401-3400  3D Exoplanet drop; public sale [0.5 ETH]
  5. 3401-5009 3D Exoplanet drop; public sale [0.6 ETH]
  6. Airdrop subdomains to holders
  7. Launch Cryptotoken
  8. Add Exoplanet interior visualisation
  9. Launch Hyperspace marketplace
  10. Drop space stations and introduce travel
  11. Add Hyperspace Visualisation
  12. Add gamification for building cities
  13. Introduce Decentralised Autonomous Organisation [DAO]

Minting & Royalties

  • Whitelist based minting
  • Exoplanet Reveal after minting
  • Base price 0.4 – 0.6 ETH
  • Royalties share from secondary sales for first 3 owners embedded into contract