COMING SOON: Snafler NFT Collections

Collect NFTs with Snafler!

In June we are adding in the capability to collect and curate your NFT collections in Snafler.
We are launching a range of exclusive NFT collections, available within the Snafler app.
And to celebrate we’re planning several small-scale NFT drops on OpenSea, with built-in rewards for early collectors.
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Our first drop will be an exclusive collection of famous faces rendered as 3D images – own the Holo of your heroes!  This will be a LIMITED EDITION of only 50 NFTS, made available on 11 MAY at 11:05 CET.

Buyers will get a free NFT for the upcoming drop of Snaffy characters, to celebrate the launch of Snafler NFT collections

Holo Heroes is created by the Snafler team, and is our very first NFT collection.

We are busy building NFT collection capability into Snafler, and we’re experimenting with lots of different technologies.

This one is so cool we couldn’t wait to share it!


As Snafler adds in NFTs to its core functionality, we see the opportunity to make a small difference to the humanitarian crisis.

Our second drop will be a collection of Snaffy characters, with a Ukrainian Flag background, to raise money for charities helping Ukrainian refugees. Each NFT will be unique.

We’re planning an initial drop on OpenSea of 200 NFTs on 18th May at 11:00 CET.  The price will be 0.1 ETH and all proceeds will be given to charity.

Buyers will qualify for an exclusive charity badge within Snafler


To celebrate the launch of Snafler NFT collections we are making a small number of NFTs available through OpenSea.  This initial ‘Genesis’ collection will comprise of just 500 unique characters.

Attributes will include colours, backgrounds and accessories, each with a rarity rating.

Each initial buyer will be awarded SFX to trade for additional NFTs in the Snafler app when these are available in June.


New Collectors
If you’re new to NFTs then Snafler is a fantastic place to start!
It’s really easy:  Snafler will create a crypto wallet for you to keep your NFTs secure.  You can build your collection in Snafler, and then optionally sell them through existing marketplaces.
Experienced Collectors
If you’re an experienced collector then simply connect your crypto wallet to Snafler and join in the fun!
You’ll be able to see your existing collection in Snafler and add to it.
Use SFX earned in the Snafler app
As you use Snafler you can earn SFX, the in-app currency, which you can use to purchase NFTs from the Snafler NFT Collections.  There are options too to buy SFX if you need more credits.



Snafler is THE place to manage your collections, and now you can start collecting NFTs in Snafler.  This collect is a set of Snaffy characters with different objects, accessories and backgrounds, exclusive to the Snafler community.  The only way to get a limited edition Snaffy to start your NFT collection is by using the Snafler app.


Snafler is introducing different sets of NFTs, including computer-generated images, using a variety of technologies. This collection is computer-generated art NFTs, exclusively available to the Snafler community via the Snafler app. Our developers have used  a VQGAN approach to programmatically create images, and selected the best to be in this Snafler NFT Collection Set.


Snafler is introducing different sets of NFTs, including computer-generated images, using a variety of technologies.  This collection is AI-generated art NFTs, exclusively available to the Snafler community via the Snafler app.


Use the Pixel Art creator in Snafler to create your own masterpiece, and then select the option to mint on the blockchain to create your own NFTs.  You can then trade them on third-party marketplaces like OpenSea or Rarible.

In the future we plan to enable Snafler users to mint their social posts too!


Exclusive content & rewards
We’re building a community of collectors, and want to reward people who are active in the community.
We are designing-in rewards for the people who go first – exclusive NFT rewards and opportunities to access new NFT collections before anyone else.
Snafler Marketplace
We are planning to launch the Snafler Marketplace in summer 2022, so that NFT collectors will be able to trade NFTs with others in the Snafler community without using third-party marketplaces.
We’re not just white-labelling OpenSea! This will be are own, new, unique marketplace for buying, selling and swapping NFTs.
We have a huge number of exciting plans:  Keep checking the Snafler app for updates.
Snafler Metaverse
Snafler contains hundreds of collection sets, and thousands of items. Many of those items are linked to a place – a building, a town, city or country.
Soon we will make places in Snafler available for ownership as NFTs, and so every location in Snafler will be made available for purchase.
Where is all this heading?  To the Snafler Metaverse – a world where you can snafle items virtually and curate your virtual items alongside your NFT collections.