Ambassador Programme for Content Creators and Influencers

We are excited to announce that Snafler will include an Ambassador programme. 

This is an amazing opportunity to be a part of the Snafler content creator community!

Snafler is looking for top content creators and influencers from all corners of the world to represent and promote the new Snafler app.

Snafler is all about communities, and so each Ambassador will represent a community or interest group, in order to ensure excitement about Snafler within their particular community.

Benefits of joining the Snafler Ambassadors include:

  • Ambassadors will receive special promotions and awards within the app
  • Ambassadors will get early notification and access to NFT drops
  • Ambassadors will get early notification and access to Snafler merchandise

What we are looking for:

  • A point of difference.  You will have specific passions that you already share.
  • Community. Have a significant audience in at least 1 social media channel.
  • Be a supporter. Actively like, retweet and promote in all possible ways Snafler and everything we do.

The Ambassador Programme will be launched in January 2022, and all applications will be made from within the Snafler app.

About Snafler

Snafler is all about collections of experiences and completing the set. That might involve spotting things, eating things, watching things; anything that can be a collection.  People love completing the set, whether it’s action figures, Star Wars films, football stadia – we turn everything into collections.

With Snafler, as people start to complete their sets, they see activity from other people working on the same collections.  This creates communities of people with the same hobbies and passions.  You can share, comment, like, and build your own collection of followers.

And in addition, people can build digital collections within Snafler.  These are NFTs, on the blockchain, with real value, that can be traded with other players.

So, Snafler is a social experience and digital asset collection game.

Our main goal for is to build a strong community of early adopters and supporters of Snafler. So together we can build the greatest product for creators and their fans ever.

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