Coming in early 2022: NFT Collections!

Like with every good idea Snafler was born in a pub.  Wouldn’t it be great to track and collate our experiential collections – taste every beer – snap every Caravaggio – visit every capital city – try every burger?  Then every time I ‘tick something off the list’, I share with others who have the same interests.



That connection could create new communities of people, having fun sharing their experiences, but all designed around collections:  The joy lies in ‘completing the set’.



Twelve months later, we’re about to launch Snafler: An app that allows you to subscribe to collection sets, and collect items, be they experiential, real or virtual.   In Snafler you can discover your passion in one of our sets or create your own and share it in the Snafler world (metaverse).



In our app we have sets for everyone: movie fanatics; history buffs; stamp collectors; book worms; foodies; travelers; trainspotters; chocolate lovers; audiophiles; museum-goers; tea drinkers; wine connoisseurs; etc.  You name it, we have it.  And if we don’t already have it, you can create it yourself and share it for others to enjoy.



With Snafler we want to build communities.  As people start to complete their sets, they see activity from other people working on the same collections.  Users can share, comment, like, and build their own collection of followers. Everything you do in Snafler is rewarded with experience points (SXP) or achievement badges.


What is a Set?

In Snafler we have more than 400 sets for you to browse through. This is just a start; sets will be created in the main by the community: Snafler users will define what’s popular themselves.

A Snafler Set might involve spotting things, eating things, watching things; anything that can be a collection, from “Watch Every Movie with Leonardo DiCaprio” to “See Every Golden Post Box in London”. You can find picks of the week or treading sets on Snafler discover screen or search for one.

Subscribers to a set ‘snafle’ items to collect then, adding their own text, images and videos, and electing to share inside the app and on other social platforms.

We’re really excited for you to see the app – it should be hitting app stores soon!