Share Your Passions!

Snafler is the app for sharing your collections and experiences!

Snafler is the brilliant new social platform for collecting experiences, objects and digital assets.

With Snafler you can share your passions and hobbies with others who feel just the same, to find or extend your online communities.

Whatever you’re doing, if you love it you can do it on Snafler!

Complete the set

Snafler is all about collecting experiences and completing the set. That might involve spotting things, eating things, watching things; anything that can be a collection.  We all love completing the set, whether it’s action figures, Star Wars films, football stadia, birds, bees or clouds – together we can turn everything and anything into collections.


Snafler keeps you up to date as you start to complete your sets, and you see activity from other people working on the same collection. You can support them and they can encourage you.  Snafler is designed to create friendly communities of people with the same hobbies and passions.  You can share, comment, like, and build your own collection of followers and friends. Snafler is social media for a purpose.

Digital Collections

Our Digital Collections are here!

Snafler Collective bring together amazing fun-loving people from around the world and all walks of life. Great adventures start with a great company and that’s what this project is all about – a free-spirited community. We are the team behind Snafler App, Secret Sea Society NFTs, Pixxl Club and Hology Club.


A new social sharing experience

What drives us

As we all emerge from the global pandemic, we want to help support people enjoy life again, alone or together:  to see stuff, to do things, to eat, to play, to travel and to enjoy it all, to share it all and to find passion in being alive.

So activity is at the heart of every social posting in Snafler. 

We want to help build new communities of people – people with shared passions and hobbies, to provide support and kudos for everyone who wants to join in.

We care about including everybody: Snafler has room for old or young, the weird and the wonderful – Snafler is for you, all of you.


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